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Signature: Killarney Sheffield Romance author because love makes you believe.
Heather Haven - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) This review is from: A Courtesan's Desires (Kindle Edition) This story pulls you in from the first paragraph. Any tale about a young girl on the threshold of womanhood tossed around by the politics, religion, and social mores of the time is always an intriguing read. A Courtesan's Desires - and yes it can be titillating -- is well-written by an author who knows how to use the turn of a phrase. With only a few words, Ms. Sheffield can create visual images that trigger the emotions in the most jaded of us. She has created a protagonist who is likeable and believable, one you are concerned about and root for all the way. My thought is the novel might be expanded upon and if so, could become a literary piece of no little importance. At 47K plus words, the subject matter and world we are taken to have much more to offer us. However, take what you can get, and going where we go with Ms. Sheffield is a satisfactory journey. This is a very fine story written by an accomplished writer who can weave an exceptional tale.
— Heather Rating 5.0
R. A. Rach "Rosemary Morris" (Hertfordshire, England) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) This review is from: A Courtesan's Desires (Kindle Edition) Killarney Sheffield chose a young Hutterite girl, Rachel Sholis, for her heroine. The Hutterite community, which I had not heard of until I read A Courtesan's Desires, is an offshoot of Anabaptists who, like the Amish and Mennonites, originated in the radical reformation in the 16th century, To find out more about the life of a Hutterite girl, like her heroine, Killarney Sheffield spent a day at Red Willow Hutterite Colony in Stettler, Alberta. Undoubtedly this experience enriches A Courtesan's Desire. Nothing in Rachel's innocent, God-fearing life prepares her for the brutality to follow when she embarks on a ship with her family and other Hutterites to found a new colony overseas. Ship-wrecked she ends up in England in Newgate Prison. After her release is purchased Rachel is trained to be a courtesan, whose only objective is to please men, by her master. I admit I found it difficult to believe that an English Duke, who becomes Rachel's protector, would be connected with the Pinkerton Agency but, as this is crucial to the plot, it did not matter, and neither did a few historical inaccuracies because the story swept me along until I reached the last page and sighed with satisfaction.
— Rosemary Rating 4.0
Amazon Review
Inventing love is a daring, amusing, and sometimes dramatic adventure, set in the wild west, with engaging and contrasting characters. I had to get used to the liberties steam punk takes when it comes to historical realism. Once I'd settled in, I enjoyed the ride on the killing machine. 4 stars.
— Amazon Kindle Rating 4.0
Good story easy to follow well developed characters. Not sure of the correct time the story took place in early American history with some strange things going on. Would say read it for the enjoyment. 4 stars.
— See Amazon Kindle Rating 4.0
Okay, I LOVE Killarney book's to start out with the review. I sat on the couch reading this book on my Kindle. I couldn't put this book down and really didn't want to stop even at bed time. I had so many emotions. At the time when they were both in two different countries. I just wanted to throw my Kindle down my hall way....But the hubby told me to keep reading and it will get better. And it did....loved the ending.......MUST READ!!!!! 4 stars.
— Melissa Rating 4.0
Well, I started this book and I wasn't sure I would like it. But as time went on I loved it. I think I was sad, mad, happy, and even cried reading this book. The author does a great job of telling a love story. If you love a great love story this book is for you. 4 stars.
— Melissa Rating 4.0
review for 2nd novel
Killarney Sheffield delivers an entertaining and memorable romance when she throws her characters Mistress Sarah and Lord Byron Cobbett together. She introduces us to London’s squalor, the highwayman’s desperate plight, the thrill of a midnight ride, storms, passion, betrayal, violent death, trust, the King’s business, embezzled monies, prison, corporeal punishment, family intrigue and betrayal… and weaves them into a fast paced journey. Oh, and her heroine is as feisty as she is determined to succeed, and her hero must decide if there is something to live for in life other than his grief. The twists to this plot provide more than just the expected romance traits, giving a deeper level of complexity and drama to a risky relationship.rnKillarney tells a gripping tale. Mistress Sarah and Lord Byron Cobbett make great characters to bring to life the gritty reality of life on the streets of Regency London and the tightrope tension of living under the scrutiny of the King.
— Rosalie Rating 5.0
Another review for Debut novel
08-28-11 Guilty Kisses, Killarney Sheffield Or Not Proper Etiquette for a Barbeque Guest When Lady Cassandra is visited by a thief in the dark of night, she finds her body awakened in a way that her husband's touch has never stirred her desires. However there are consequences for even a brief stolen night of passion that leave Cassie in dire straights. She turns to the only one she thinks can help her...but will he come before it is too late? Comte Cohen Ashton's mission is to retrieve a priceless artifact and return it to its former country of origin. He doesn't expect to have his heart stolen by his sworn enemy's lovely young wife or to discover a treasure of his own making that is more valuable than any other. In the midst of a war between England and France, Cohen must save them both from their folly and Cassie must forgive herself her own sins. Can they prevail or will their fates be sealed by guilty kisses? Killarney Sheffield it’s all your fault. I was only going to read for an hour until we left for the barbecue. But because of you I did not spend the evening hanging out with my daughter and her boyfriend offering advice on how to put together the grill she and the kids bought him for Father's Day. Because of you, I did not tell them how to cook the steaks. Because of you, I did not hang out with the teenagers. Because of you I sat on the couch and read Guilty Kisses! Between Cohen (who somehow I forgave for having his way with her), and Cassie (who kept going when I would have just… ) Read the book! I couldn't put the darned thing down! Especially not after the thing with the ship to France. You should put a warning not to start the book on a holiday. I just HAD to finish it! I highly recommend this page-burning read. And have tissues ready. This is not only a five rose book, it’s a five tissues book. No—it’s a whole box of tissues book.
— Rochelle Rating 5.0
Debut novel review
Guilty Kisses by Killarney Shefield, Review - © Wendy Laharnar 2011. Guilty Kisses, the story of a young gentlewoman unhappy in her arranged marriage and a rakish comté, transported me to a bygone age: the England of George III and the France of Napoleon Bonaparte. In England, Cassie, the daughter of a parish pastor copes with charm and grace in her role as Lady Everton, wife of an old and obnoxious earl. She is self-sacrificing and we want her to find the love and respect she so deserves. Cassie is a lovely, endearing character. Comté Cohen Ashton, admired and honoured by Napoleon, is a young scoundrel infatuated by Cassie from the moment he sets eyes on her. He is the perfect contrast to the earl and he makes us smile, but there is much more to Lord Ashton. His goal to make Cassie his own is an impossible task because of Cassie's moral convictions and the earl's possessiveness. So, too, is there more depth to Killarney Shefield's charming dilemma. The story of Guilty Kisses is a beautifully crafted love story in which the sensual scenes are balanced by fast-paced action, danger and page-turning suspense. Cassie's plight was my plight. At no time did I feel outside the story. I particularly relished the unexpected twists and gems of intricate detail. A thoroughly absorbing experience.
— Wendy Rating 5.0
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