Author: Catherine Kean 
Location: British Columbia, Canada  
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
5 out of 5 Cups—”An extraordinary tale”

“A Knights Reward is an engaging page-turner...Ms. Kean takes the reader into the lives, and hearts, of the dazzling cast in this rare tale that allows the audience to share in the passion, romance and love that Dominic and Gisela experience all over again. This is a masterpiece, an extraordinary tale that should be read by all.”

— Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
5 stars and Reviewer’s Pick—”a fast-paced treasure”

A Knight’s Reward is a fast-paced treasure that involves you in the story from the very beginning with wonderful characters, an excellent story line, and a tale that will leave you cheering at the end.”

— Lauren Calder, Affaire de Coeur Magazine Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
5 stars—”A fascinating historical tale”

“This is an interesting medieval romance that uses a late twelfth century setting to tell a tale that in many ways feels contemporary with a sleuthing warrior and a woman hiding from her husband. The story line is fast-paced, but obviously driven by the relationship between the lead couple as he suspects her of thieving and and lying while she prays he proves her love for him is right by protecting Ewan. Catherine Kean writes a fascinating historical tale.”

— Harriet Klausner, Reviewer Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
5 hearts—“a pulse pounding ride”

A Knight’s Reward is definitely one of those books that you can not put down and Ms. Kean delivers a pulse pounding ride. If you like a fast paced story with multifaceted characters and a love that never dies pick A Knight’s Reward and get ready to stay up all night reading it! This reviewer finds Ms. Kean a breath of fresh air and hopes to see more from this talented author!”

— Dawn, Love Romances and More Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4-1/2 clovers—“a masterful, emotionally riveting story”

“Ms. Kean has once again penned another richly textured, jewel of a medieval romance bringing a masterful, emotionally riveting story peopled with beautifully drawn characters to life. Her imagery is fantastic and the reader can’t help but feel a part of the marvelous tableau Kean drew. . . Catherine Kean is definitely a highly recommended author.”

— Marilyn Rondeau, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4-1/2—“an excellent romance”

A Knight’s Reward is an excellent romance. Set during the 12th century fans of this era will find characters and a story they can’t let go of. The action, passion, danger, and romance Ms. Kean has written within these pages will pull at your heart strings and keep you quickly turning pages. . . A Knight’s Reward is a ‘keeper’ you’ll be eager to reread often.”

— Wendy Keel, The Romance Readers’ Connection Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4-1/2 blue ribbons—“a suspense-filled, emotionally riveting historical”

A Knight’s Reward is a suspense-filled, emotionally riveting historical novel. Watching as Gisela tries to keep her son and Dominic safe without regard for herself and still maintain her secrets will keep readers on the edge of their seats. This is the first novel I have read by this author, but I look forward to reading Ms. Catherine Kean’s future endeavors. A Knight’s Reward has found a place on my ‘recommended read’ list.

— Dottie, Romance Junkies Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4 stars—”Compelling”

“Kean starts off with a great hook—a married woman on the run from her husband—and doesn’t stop there: The plot thickens with thievery, lies and danger. The setting is perfect for a warrior and his love, and readers will enjoy this pleasant blend of conflict and resolution.”

— Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times Book Reviews Rating 4.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
“A must read”

“Ms. Kean has done it again with her talent to capture the reader’s attention with all the elements of a must-read. The opening pages are filled with a wonderful tension that sets the stage for a great story.”

— Margaret Ohmes, Fresh Fiction
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
5 stars—“A romantic historical tale”

“Talented Catherine Kean pens a romantic historical tale that transports her readers to days of yore during a perilous time that requires strength and trust. The passion of her characters and her beautifully worded prose easily captures and entertains her readers. I sincerely recommend A Knight’s Reward, a five star read from Catherine Kean and the second book in her Knight’s Series.”

— Donna Zapf, Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4-1/2 hearts—“A touching romance”

“I was unable to put this one down as I was drawn in with Ms. Kean’s descriptive writing and compelling story. . . Gisela is such a strong character. She fights for the ones she loves and protects them at all costs. And where Dominic is her true knight, she's his savior and the love of his life. I would highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a touching romance that will leave them wanting more.”

— Sandra, The Romance Studio Rating 5.0
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
“A rewarding book of medieval history and romance”

A Knight's Reward is truly a rewarding book of medieval history and romance. Catherine Kean pulls you into the story and won’t let you out until you have “slain the dragons” alongside Gisela and Dominic.”

— Amy Lavora, NovelTalk
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
“A beautiful romantic tapestry”

“Catherine Kean presents well-developed characters that you will care about. Her attention to historic detail (the towns, houses, customs, clothes, foods, weapons, manners, speech, etc.) makes her novels
rich and textured. . . Once again, Kean weaves together a beautiful romantic tapestry with her newest novel, A Knight’s Reward.”

— Leslie Halpern, Suite
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
“A classic historical romance”

“Ms. Kean has crafted a well-told story in A Knight's Reward that reads like a passionate fairy tale. Full
of mystery and misunderstandings, it will keep the reader on edge until the very end, when all is finally revealed...Grab a box of tissues with a glass of wine and sit down to enjoy a classic historical romance in
A Knight's Reward.”

— Sabine Maurier, NovelSpot
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
“A poignant, meant-to-be, ballad-worthy romance”

A Knight's Reward is a beautifully balanced love story that has the happy ending readers crave, and expect, from the genre. Catherine Kean's writing is romantic and fiery and filled with the clash and clang of sword fights and the flash and fire of a poignant, meant-to-be, ballad-worthy romance.”

— Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews
A Knight's Reward A Knight's Reward
4 stars–“A captivating love story”

“With A Knight’s Reward Catherine Kean brings a medieval town to life that is occupied with everyday characters that makes way for a captivating love story. With the well developed characterization of the hero and heroine the author lures the reader into a lush blossoming romance which contains warmth, tenderness and is laced with subtle passion . . . Catherine Kean has a gift to write about the essence of romance.”

— Leontine, Realms on our Bookshelves Rating 4.0

Take the Trophy and Run

by Gail Sattler
Take the Trophy and Run

When the theft of a famous lawn ornament rocks the local garden club, all that's gnome is that a sprinkling of romance and a growing community drama are sure to follow.

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