Author: Lynda Simmons 
Location: Ontario, Canada  
Getting Rid of Rosie Getting Rid of Rosie
by Lynda Simmons
Released: August 2009
Genre: Fiction - Romance
384 pages 8 x 5.1 inches
Penguin Group (USA)
Rating 4.5

Getting Rid of Rosie

Rosie Fisk was once Samantha Marcello's best friend-but that was before she ran off with Sam's fiancé, Michael, seven years ago. Since then Sam has found a new love, The Silver Swan, her pub. And just as it seems that time has healed all her wounds, Michael walks back into her life-and now he's a widower.

With Rosie out of the picture, and unable to ignore the feelings she still has for him, Sam takes the opportunity to reconcile with Michael. But Rosie isn't about to let death stop her from keeping them apart. Her ghost has been hanging around her husband, playing on his grief and guilt-and only Sam can see her.

Rosie stole Michael from her once. But this time Sam is going to exorcise her once and for all...      

Reviews for Getting Rid of Rosie

Love this book!!!

Getting rid of Rosie is a great read! I couldn't put it down. Needless to say chores got put aside as I rushed to find out what happened, then was sad that I'd finished the book. I wanted more. Great job goes out to Lynda Simmons. I laughed, I cried and thoroughly enjoyed the humor, the outstanding dialogue and exciting story lines. I loved all the colorful characters. This is a must read book. I highly recommend it.

— Suzanne M. Hurley Rating 5.0
Enjoyable lighthearted paranormal romance

Seven years ago in Toronto, Samantha Marcello loved her fiancé Michael Hughes. However, he ran off and married her best friend Rosie Fisk. Sam turned to her business the Silver Swan pub for solace, which in her mind and heart apparently worked. 

Now a widower Michael is back in town and wants Sam back in his life. However, Rosie may be dead, but she also has returned; she will do anything to keep Michael and Sam apart. Both haunt Sam as Rosie makes it clear from the grave that she still does not want her ex BFF with her husband even as Michael pleads for a second chance. However, neither of them haunts Sam as much as Michael's compassionate power tool using brother Derek does.

Sort of combining the TV show Cheers with the movie Over Her Dead Body, GETTING RID OF ROSIE is an enjoyable lighthearted paranormal romance that brings to life Toronto from a living and dead perspective. Although the story line is thin, the eccentric support cast adds to the zany comedy; however it is a couple of delightful refreshing twists that make for a fun read.

— Harriet Klausner Rating 4.0


Gail Sattler
Seattle Cinderalla

Cinderella lives—except her name is Cindy and she resides in Seattle! Cindy is forced to run her late father’s muffler shop. Will her step-sisters’ shenanigans and Luke Princeton’s charms only make her life even more unbearable? Cindy’s step-sister Annie has reformed her ways. But how will she prove it to the man she loves? Step-sister Zella is writing her own love story. But is she using a poison pen? Cindy’s godmother, Farrah, has caught the attentions of a younger man. Does she have the courage to love again? How far will God go to give these women a happy-ever-after?

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