Author: Annette Bower 
Location: PH107--1914 Hamilton Street Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada     
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Annette Bower

Annette Bower is the author of many short stories published in anthologies and magazines in Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom. She writes about women in communities, in families and about love. Annette is the proud owner of two e readers and is pleased to have her first novel published by XoXo Publishing™ and looks forward to the adventure of publishing e books. When she isn’t writing or virtually promoting her book, she walks or bikes around the streets and parks in her neighbourhood imagining complex worlds behind seemingly ordinary events.

Take the Trophy and Run

by Gail Sattler
Take the Trophy and Run

When the theft of a famous lawn ornament rocks the local garden club, all that's gnome is that a sprinkling of romance and a growing community drama are sure to follow.

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