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Canadian Romance Authors' Network

For Canadian authors, all published in the romance genre, joining together to promote romance to readers, booksellers, librarians and the media. This site had over 10,000 unique visitors last month so even just joining up for as low as $25 for the year is worth it!

A happy ending, isn't that everyone's dream? A romance novel will help you escape a busy and hectic life and let you lose yourself in a fantasy for a short amount of time. You can find intrigue, suspense, travel to exotic locations, and be blessed with laughter or emotional tears. Ride the roller coaster that is falling in love, knowing that, in the end, love truly will conquer all.

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A romance novel is purchased somewhere in North America every 6 seconds, and many of those novels were written by Canadian authors.

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Gail Sattler
Seattle Cinderalla

Cinderella lives—except her name is Cindy and she resides in Seattle! Cindy is forced to run her late father’s muffler shop. Will her step-sisters’ shenanigans and Luke Princeton’s charms only make her life even more unbearable? Cindy’s step-sister Annie has reformed her ways. But how will she prove it to the man she loves? Step-sister Zella is writing her own love story. But is she using a poison pen? Cindy’s godmother, Farrah, has caught the attentions of a younger man. Does she have the courage to love again? How far will God go to give these women a happy-ever-after?

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